Blueberry Walnut Mix

Turkey Wrap
4 flour tortillas any flavor
½-1 cup Blueberry Walnut Dip Mix prepared
Spring Mix lettuce
1lb. leftover turkey or deli meat

Lay out the tortillas on countertop, spread ¼ of dip mixture onto each tortilla. Spread evenly within ½ inch of edges.
Lay ¼ of turkey in center lengthwise on tortilla, top with lettuce. Take one side of tortilla(so meat is still lengthwise) and pull it up and over the meat and lettuce. Snug the tortilla over meat and lettuce and begin rolling the bottom of tortilla into a roll quite snug. Roll all the way up to include all of the tortilla.
You may slice it into 1" pinwheels or in half to enjoy.