Sparkles Blueberries (paperback)

Sparkles Blueberries (paperback)

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Sparkle is excited her Nana and Poppa are coming for dinner and decides she must pick some juicy blueberries for their dessert. She goes to her favourite blueberry patch by the stream only to find she has picked it clean on earlier visits.

Across the stream a patch of plump blueberries sways in the breeze as though waiting for picking. Sparkle has never crossed the stream before but knowing how much her Nana and Poppa love blueberries, she decides to go over.

What she doesn't realize is that when she crosses the stream she is entering a magical land where many curious creatures live.

The book, Sparkles Blueberries in Paperback by  V. Blake.  Published by CreateSpace Publishing.

Book Measures Approx: 6"x9"


Reading Level: 2-3


Pages: 50